they are so sweet..T_T

Jalan-jalan kat blogspot...terjumpa post ni kat satu blog terbiar...
sweetnya mereka..

bila baca go through post...

hati ni pulak yang rase sebak..errm...

smoga anda berdua berbahagia slalu...


For Yet Yee, I Still Love You As Always

On 29th November at 12:39 a.m, she called me when I was exactly thinking of her. Never thought that she would still miss me though. I still love her as if we never broke up. The reason for foar our breakup is because I was moving to Shah Alam (The Empire of Hell to me). Our relationship before the break up was about 1 year and 4 months (the longest relationship I ever had).

She: Ni hao ma?
Me: Wo hen hao. Daijobu....desu....(so shocked)
She: How was it in Shah Alam?
Me: It's like hell to me. Any way why do you call me? I thought we had nothing anymore.
She: Nothing it's just that I miss you. Remember the first time we met?
Me: Yeah of course I could remember it! I was running down the stairs and you tripped over me.
She: And that was the time we fell for each other... Haha. It's kinda funny we fell in love like fairytales, right?
Me: And you were the one who asked me to be your boyfriend. I was like in heaven when a girl as cute as you proposed me.
She: Nahh...You accepted sebab I ugut you to be my Bi anyway. Hihi. You were so scared I
would harm you when I hold that knife, riiiiight?
Me: You really got me back then. For a few days we sat together and your other Chinese friends were jealous. You hugged me EVERYDAY. I was so shy to meet your friends.
She: Yup3! I still remember I kissed you on my birthday coz i said I would leave you if you insisted. (giggle) We kissed for almost half an hour.
Me: It tasted like, I don't know how to say how it was like. But you insisted me to kiss you! I thought you only wanted a kiss on your cheek but instead you want a kiss on the lips. But, at least now how does it feel to kiss a girl. Haha.
She: Hmm.... Next year's gonna be University for me! Hope I get a good one.
Me: Yeah I hope you got many A's in your SPM too. Anyway, what's your actual intention of calling me TRULY?
She: Well, just wanna know how're you doing there. Miss ya actually. Miss your hugs and kiss.
Me: I tak suka when you ask me to kiss you. Like the camp incident.
She: It was such a horrible accident. I couldn't believe we slept together in that tent.
Me: Yeah, me too. Look, I gotta go tosleep. It's already 1:00 a.m. I need sleep and so do you. Wish you good luck for SPM next papers. Study hard, ok?
She: Yeah you too. So, goodnite I'll call you next time...
Me: Before that, 1 question. Do you still love me?
.................................................................after a long silence:

She: Yes, I do still love you as always, sayang.
Me: I also love you as always, honey... Hope we will meet again..
She: Yeah I also hope like that.... So, goodnite and have a sweet dream,sayang.
Me: You too, Bi. Nite.... Wo ai ni...
She: Wo ai ni...

The conversation ended and after crying for a few minutes, I fell asleep.
It was such a memorable night.....
For you, Yet Yee....


Sincerely yours,


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